Geriatric Unit
October 6, 2009, 11:26 pm
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Nuclear Accidents


Nuclear Accidents E.P

Geriatric Unit

Boss Tuneage

Pushing 40 and still swinging from the noose, this collection of Brit Hardocore luminaries really put the old in old school hardcore, in this their second offering from Crust-punk flame-bearers Bpss Tuneage. So whats troubling this collection of ‘UK-82’ veterans. If there is a re-occuring theme its of growing old. The tracks throb with hatred for the next generation and the dillution of their legacy. Mid-life depression and high powered 2nd generation punk is a sticky gruel and no mistake and the conceit lends itself well to lead singer Gords Oxon howl. Where was once the perpetual rage of frustrated youth is now the bitterness of a creeping irrelevance. These old ranchers can still bleed diesel of course; straight up hold the twist hardcore, perfect for soundtracking some slice of extreme European cinema. Because its all they know the authenticity of their brutal chargrin is what keeps them from Friday Night at the Frog and Dog turd-ness. Like the old-school style of any genre, its crude, satisfying and real.


Download: The Return of Rubbish Past, Drink it all the way, Life Half Over

For those who like: The Heresy, Poisoned Idea, Black Flag

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