October 6, 2009, 4:30 am
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Red State

Upset The Rhythm Records

Defectors from L.A’s ‘shitgaze’ epicentre ‘The Smell’ club, noise adventurers Gowns returned to their South Dakotan hometown to dream (extremely) drug-induced dreams of inner space. The results are elemental, bizarre and firmly located in the cosmos.

Electrical disturbance provides a bed for the heaven bound trajectory of semi-conscious noodling, largely indebted to the trancey monotony crafted by The Velvet Underground. Red State peer through heavy lids and clouds of throbbing machine discord at the Dakotan badlands, transformed into a sprawling playground where the trio can get down to the business of taking all manner of prescription and non-prescription drugs (listed on track one) . The leviathan ‘Lie Down’ speaks of avante garde perfection; a towering, epiphany-inducing masterstroke that detonates in blinding grandeur as female vocalist Erika Anderson howls to the gods. Sublime experimentalism.


Download: Lie Down, Rope, Advice

For Fans Of: The Velvet Underground, Brian Eno, Pink Floyd

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