October 25, 2009, 11:30 pm
Filed under: Album Reviews


Alive in Wild Paint
Equal Vision Records

There is a difference between making beautiful music and the self-involved musings of frat-boy romantics, set to a plodding, grandiose melodies. A.I.W.P employ pulpy production, insistent piano and chiming guitars to fill shapeless, rambling songs and theatrically melodramatic choruses.

If perhaps you are long of fringe and bowed of head, then you may find this soothing, but such an unending ordeal of two-dimensional music and shallow emoting is rare to observe in even in the most self-indulgent of sub-Jeff Buckley dreck. By about track ninety-seven of the same shit about girls being angels and poor bleeding hearts and errant fathers, it occurs to you that procuring a crossbow and hunting the makers seems the only logical choice. If this is what Radiohead are inspiring in Americans then God help us all. John Calvert


Download: Coldspell, Forecasting, Traffic

For those who like: Jimmy Eat World, Keane, Shit Bands

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