Johnny Foreigner
October 26, 2009, 12:03 am
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Johnny Foreigner
Arcs across the City
Best Before Records

A fresher slant on the post-punk cannon, Johnny Foreigner are fast kicking up dust in the right circles and should pop up in your life soon enough. Marrying coursely melodic College rock with breathless 21st century sensibilities, duelling girl and guy vocals pour more and more invention onto their 88 miles per hour spazz-rock, resulting in a Kansas tornado of multi-directional anarchy. Although most of the tracks expire in under three minutes, so much ground is covered by the perplexed fuzz-pop that the songs seem to burst into a hundred smaller threads of catchiness. Some of their peers in the field can fail to really live, victims of an austere artistic inclination but Johnny Foriegner’s unpretentious 90’s influences dictate a sense of cracking good fun. Last track ‘This Band Is Killing Me’, a twinkley Modest Mouse-esque sit-down, demonstrates an ability to punch emotional holes whilst further confirming their keen ear for leftfield harmony.


For Fans Of: Bloc Party, Dinosaur Jnr, Cap’n’Jazz.

Download: Sofacore, The End and Everything After, This Band Is Killing Me.

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