October 26, 2009, 12:26 am
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Scout Niblett
This Fool Can Die Now.

Scout Niblett emits an absorbing coalescence of virginal innocence and travelled knowing. She also has guts to spare. Reteaming with legendary 'anti-producer' Steve Albini for more of the same stark, simplistic arrangements, always present is a notion of her natural-born doggedness. Resemblances to Kurt Cobain and the rest of the grunger icons she idolises are a little too easy to identify, but when she's adheres to the template of feedback and growl Niblett is at her most formidable, the best tracks swinging from soulful alt-rock torch songs to grunge bombast in a hair's breath. The barest of instrumental accompaniment on the majority of tracks perhaps bets too heavily on Niblett's luminescence, the constancy of tone and pace sometimes becoming arduous. Reprieve is granted however in duets with Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. At Album No.4, Niblett remains largely ignored. It's a shame, because she's is a bonifide musical hero for the girls with real heart.


Download: Kiss, Hide & Seek, Let Thine Heart be Warned

For fans of: Cat Power, PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth

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