Live Review: Elliot Minor
October 31, 2009, 4:27 pm
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Elliot Minor
Mandela Hall
20th May 2008

With the under-16 crowd gasping in anticipation at every lighting change, Elliot Minor – Fisher Price Punks of the pop-classical persuasion – finally titter their way onto stage, putting a merciful end to 45 minutes of MCR sing-a-longs and life and death battles for mirror-space . To maintain my sanity its important to remain anthropological, especially when I near the merch table to witness a twenty-something Emo-boy (from support act DarkStar)fending off tweenies scrabling for a signed t-shirt and experiencing feelings they don’t quite yet understand. Shudder. Its like passing a car crash, its wrong to stare and you wouldn’t mind seeing a compound fracture or two. The call it Emo and its appeal is the closely guarded secret of a younger generation than mine.

After a starlight of camera phones are raised aloft, the crowd settle into clapping along to the impossibly congenial, lobotomising bilge. Its every bit as confounding an experience as you would expect as courtesy of 5 ex-choir-boys, eager to assert their solemn debt to rock-trailblazers, Busted (we shit you not). Between songs, all manner of zany tomfoolery is afoot, with a roomful of wide eyed moppets literally scream-laughing at every nipped bum and tickled armpit. On one occasion the blonde one even pours water on the other one’s shoe, the rotter! Take a closer look, and you can see moving parts..

Admittedly, the music is accomplished. Enough to detract from watching five air-brushed mannequins straining to cultivate the icky, co-dependent relationship a boy band has with its young fan base. Fortunately, front man Edward Jun-Minton does a good line in hustling his pubescent wards. You can’t help think that they’d be better off with Herman Goering gracing their bedroom walls.

John Calvert

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