The Outline
October 31, 2009, 8:35 pm
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The Outline
‘You Smash It and We’ll Build Around It’
Fearless Records

After an encouraging first act, L.A debutants The Outline chart a disjointed trajectory that ends in complete disarray. It’s a bric-a-brac collage of an album lurching between chilly wide screen despair and thrashy, vaguely antagonistic Rock 101. This jarring hotchpotch that veers between fragile, overly serious meditiations on the modern human condition and dumb-as-an-ox bravado, reveals both modes to be contrivances and demonstrates about as much coherent artistic vision as a Now compilation tape. To add to the muddle the band claim to be ‘experimentalists’ first and foremost. Accordingly, half the tracks are dappled with brief instances of inconsequential electronica, neither enhancing the songs or detracting from the prevailing air of ordinariness. Irrespectively however, whether they’re making a stab at angsty arena-rock or pledging to take on The Man the results are often uninspired and tedious.


Download: Aesthetics, Why We’re Better Now, Life Or Life-like

For Fans Of: Coldplay, Editors, Interpol


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