November 2, 2009, 1:49 am
Filed under: Album Reviews


No Kids
Come Into My House

Like a bookish, chamber-pop version of Hot Chip, Canadians No Kids dance Jay Z but talk Hemmingway, filtering dainty R’n’B tunes complete with falsetto vocals, minimalist percussion and airy production through the massive intellects of a trio of autumn-on-campus, glee-club regulars. Eccentric and even packing a little cult appeal, it’s definetely a novel aesthetic but unfortunately it never completely warms up. By fusing the sterile artifice of Jam & Lewis-era urban-pop with the mandatory ‘ironic detachment’ that riddles this kind of quaint indie the trio have created a type of music thats doubly as dry and stuffy.The brilliant, classy Latino show-tune ‘I Love the Weekend’ hints that their true talents lie in an organic wood-block rubbing charm and be damned the Timbaland addiction


Download: I Love The WeekEnd, For Halloween, The Beaches Are All Closed

For those who like: Piano, Timbaland, Hot Chip

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