Incoming Feature: Youves (AU Magazine, Issue 56)
November 10, 2009, 7:49 pm
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MEMBERS: Stephen Broadly (vocals), Michael King (guitar), Alex Wiezak (guitar) Luke Neale (bass), Paul Wechter (drums).
FORMATION: Nuneaton, England 2007.
FOR FANS OF: The Rapture, XX Teens, Foals.
CHECK OUT: Mini Album Cardio-Vascular, out May 4 on Holy Roar.

Youves (formerly Mirror! Mirror!) join Gallows, Rolo Tomassi and Danananakroyd on Holy Roar’s already brimming stockpile of Yoof warheads. After a dabble in punk and metal, the Nuneaton renegades began drawing from a range of influences, including noisy groove-mentalists Arab On Radar, No Wave punk-jazzers The Contortions and MF Doom, no less.

When quizzed on the name change their reply was merely that God told them to do it. Not a god, the God, a.k.a Allah, Deus, Krishna, or if you’re in The Proclaimers – The Chief. If it’s true, and it probably is, the big fella has fine taste in dense, protean math-punk that satisfies your 4/4 needs at a sub-molecular level.

With their Pat Bateman-grade dedication to body management, ‘Cardio-Vascular’ is an apt title for their discombobulated discourse on love, politics, fashion and violence, which according to their mostly hysterical vocalist Stephen Broadley is a “workout for the mind”, as well as your disco boots. On stage they are Devo-indebted meta-imps with an enthusiasm for full-frontal male nudity, duly causing a stir in their native Midlands scene as industry bods cram to get a peek at their anabolic auto-funk.

John Calvert

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