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I’ve been writing for Ireland’s premier music monthly, AU magazine, since August 2007 and The Quietus since January 2010. ‘Supertoys’ archives the entire backlog of my published pieces to date, including reviews, gig reviews, interviews, album retrospectives, classic artist profiles, news items, artist introductions, film articles, assorted brain doodles and much more.

John Calvert, Winter 2010


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Hi John

How are you? Hope you don’t mind me ronctacting you like this.

Basically I am contacting you on behalf of the band I am in, My Pilot. We are based in Dublin and are four in number. We have just released our first EP which is called ‘Spiders’. It’s a kind of scruffy, slightly weird (probably) messed-up pop music type of thing. That’s probably quite a bad description. Nonetheless, I’m just wondering if you might be interested in reviewing it. Or even just listening to it for fun.

If you’d like to download it, you can do so for free at

Also, we have put together a little press pack thing with pics and the MP3s from the EP and a press release and so on. You can download it here:

Finally, if you’d like a copy of the EP on CD please contact me at this address and I’ll sort you out with a copy. We’re quite proud of the artwork and packaging and also with each copy of the EP purchased we’re giving away a free bonus CD-R of cover versions, featuring our take on songs by Neil Young, Nina Simone, Aerosmith, Liars, The Marvelettes, The Fall and Phil Phillips, which I can also send you if you’re interested.

Ok, thanks very much for your time. Hope you enjoy the EP.


PS. Also if you do happen to review it maybe you could give me a quick shout so I know to look out for it. Thanks again!

Comment by Neill

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